General Operation


  • If wearing the RQ-11B Backpack, take it off and set it on the ground.
    • Note: You can not place any items into the backpack
  • Build the Raven (a paired set of a Ground Control Station and Raven will be created in place of the backpack)
  • Go to the Raven menu and do one of the following:
    • Disassemble RQ-11 Raven (breaks down Raven and GCS into backpack and places backpack on your back automatically)
    • Pick up RQ-11 Raven (places Raven on your back ready for launch)
    • Strobe Test (tests the landing strobe light and sound)
    • Battery level (displays battery level)
    • Charge Battery (only visible when level is below 100%)
      • Gives constant battery level update if you pick up the Raven
      • 100% recharge takes about 5 minutes
    • Display Code (displays the paired code for the Raven and GCS)
arma3 2014-01-12 00-54-26-058
Raven menu options
  • Pick up the Raven (it will be placed onto your back)
  • Launch the Raven
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arma3 2014-01-12 00-55-12-705
Ground Control Station (GCS) menu options
  • Go to the GCS (on the ground) and
    • Pick up GCS – Pick up the GCS (it appears on your unit’s belt but not in your inventory).  To drop, select Drop GCS from addAction menu
    • Display Code – Display the sync’d code between the GCS and Raven
    • [RQ-11 MENU]
    • CAMERA FEED – Open the camera feed
    • NEW TARGET – Create a new position for the Raven to fly to (will open map – single click on a new position within 8 km (see map below) – (use this for moving long distances)
    • RESET MARKERS – If taking over Raven from another pilot and you don’t see the markers on your map, click this to reset the markers to your map
    • AUTOLAND – Click this to have the Raven land automatically at the location of the GCS
    • [RQ-11 MINICAM MENU]
    • MINCAM: ON – Turn on PIP camera feed (slaved to general camera feed)
    • MINICAM: MODE – Change vision modes on the PIP camera feed (visible after turning on minicam)
    • MINICAM: OFF – Turn off the PIP camera feed (visible after turning on minicam)
arma3 2014-01-11 23-53-34-588
CAMERA FEED: Initial camera view after launching for the first time.
arma3 2014-01-12 00-05-56-834
NEW TARGET: Circle indicates 8km range limit from GCS for new target designation
arma3 2014-01-12 00-05-18-808
RESET MARKERS: Local marker indicates Raven, assigned altitude, assigned code in green. Black circle indicates current target location (what the camera is looking at).
MINICAM: A small display is activated in the bottom right corner of your view.
MINICAM: A small display is activated in the bottom right corner of your view. This allows you to track a target hands free while performing other tasks such as approaching the target.


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  1. Hi, I really want to play with your mod but I have a problem. When I touch camera feed while I am playing, the game closes and appears the next message: “Include file userconfig\RQ11RAVEN\raven_keys.hpp not found”. This really exasperate me and I will be really thankful and happy if you help me with this. Thanks for reading

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