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The RQ-11A Raven was released in May of 2012 for Arma2 and was subsequently updated 3 more times.  This new version, the RQ-11B Raven is being released for Arma3 as Version 2.0 as an evolution of that original addon.  The scripts have all been overhauled, new models have been created with new textures and dozens of new features have been added.


  • New 3d models (compared to Arma2)
  • New and improved textures
  • New in-camera sounds
  • New 3D controllable camera
  • New Ground Control Station interface
  • New Tactical Laser for target marking for ground troops
  • New Laser Designator for bomb guidance


  1. Install the “@RQ-11_RAVEN_AB_A3” to your Arma3 root directory
    (usually located here: c:\Steam\Library\SteamApps\common\Arma 3)
  2. Add the “userconfig” folder and its contents to your Arma3 root directory.
    (usually located here: c:\Steam\Library\SteamApps\common\Arma 3)
  3. OPTIONAL: Customize the “raven_keys.hpp” file using any text editor to the keystrokes you prefer and save.


CBA Community Based Addons


The RQ-11B Raven Backpack can be found in the Backpacks section of the editor. Place in the editor and preview your mission.

To add backpack to your unit, in the init line, type: this addBackpack B_MAV_B_BACKPACK;

All of the parts of the Raven can be found in the editor under the section titled: [RQ-11] Raven Parts


  • The tactical laser can malfunction when operating more than one Raven at a time.
  • The tactical laser is only visible in single player (not multiplayer)
  • Engine sounds aren’t the smoothest
  • Assembly process doesn’t appear correctly. This is an Arma 3 bug. Usually this only happens once per mission. FIXED BY BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE
  • There may be some unintentional multiplayer issues
  • Sometimes the Raven lands on the ground and takes off after a few seconds when operating at minimum altitudes – WORKAROUND: raise altitude
  • Sometimes the Raven stops in mid-air and just hangs there for a few seconds
  • Tactical laser is difficult to see at night without NV goggles and even then it’s pretty hard to see from a distance (this is a limitation of DrawLine3D)
  • When launching from 3rd person, sometimes your unit will step over before launching – WORKAROUND: only launch in first person
  • Sometimes the addAction to build the Raven does not seem to show up for the backpack.  WORKAROUND: Pick up the Backpack and Drop it. FIXED IN VERSION 2.1


  • VERSION 2.5 (work in progress)
    • ADDED: An entirely new way of calculating and displaying the altitude is more cooler looking and accurate
    • ADDED: The display is now updated every 1/10 of a second version every second which makes the display much smoother.
    • ADDED: Easier way to pick up and drop Raven and GCS using mouse keys
    • ADDED: Improved assembly animation (removed workarounds to Arma bugs with attachTo and improved a few other things)
    • ADDED: Some new sounds
    • FIXED: Fixed the “too loud sound” problem when using Zeus or MCC
    • Code cleaning
  • VERSION 2.1:
    • FIXED: addAction not appearing on backpack after unloading it from a vehicle
    • FIXED: Missing semicolons in config around descriptions of the functions
    • FIXED: Missing required addon listing in config
  • VERSION 2.0

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