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This mod modifies most boats by giving them a killswitch for the engine and the ability to paddle the boat around silently. You can also use ropes with the boats for landmarking while swimming and as an anchor. The Zodiac-style boats receive improved maneuverability and engine power. You can also bury or camouflage the Zodiacs using bushes found nearby as well as use the ropes of the Zodiacs for towing.


  • Bury the boat in soft surfaces like sand and dirt
  • In-game key menu (config addons)
  • Throw and retrieve ropes
  • Shorten or lengthen ropes
  • Attach ropes to other boats
  • Pick up and move ropes to drag boat
  • Camouflage your boat with plants you can place and rotate
  • Move from driver seat to cargo seat and back
  • Paddle sideways when stopped


  • Paddle forward and backward
  • Paddle to a stop
  • Rotate the boat left or right
  • Kill switch for the motor
  • Increased rudder effectiveness
  • Increased engine power


The Paddle Mod is available now here on Steam:


  1. Subscribe on Steam
  2. Define the following keys in your game settings:
    Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > Paddle Mod


Arma 3


VERSION 3.5 (April 20,2017)

  • Added an “isServer” check to a few key scripts to avoid createVehicle firing on every machine in multiplayer environments.

VERSION 3.4 (April 8, 2017)

  • CHANGED: Overhauled the parent/child structure – info here
  • TWEAKED: The code to make a better user experience (faster, more efficient, less FPS cost)

VERSION 3.0 (Mar 19, 2017)

  • ADDED: A shovel to all of the rubber boats
  • ADDED: Ability to bury the rubber boats (and dig them up with a shovel in your hands)
  • FIXED: Killswitch method changed so AI no longer jump out of boat when killswitch enabled
  • ADDED: Killswitch to many other boats
  • ADDED: Anchor for many other boats (rope length based on z height beneath boat) — this stops your boat from drifting away if the boat isn’t moving too fast
  • ADDED: Support for MkV SOC boat (paddling, killswitch, anchor)
  • FIXED: CBA Keys again
  • ADDED: My URL to config entry
  • CHANGED: mod.cpp to new method with mouseover effects in game
  • CHANGED: Converted Keys to new CBA Keys methodology
  • CHANGED: Only CRRC drivers can now throw ropes
  • CHANGED: Converted Keys to updated CBA Keys methodology

VERSION 2.6 (Feb 1st, 2015)

  • FIXED: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t drop the rope bag after using Arsenal in Zeus

VERSION 2.5 (Feb 1st, 2015)

  • ADDED: You can now slide the boat left and right when stopped with two new keybindings
  • ADDED: You can now use the shortcut keys to shorten and lengthen the rope when holding the rope bag (shift arrows up and down)
  • FIXED: Fixed a strange Zeus compatibility issue where you couldn’t pick up the bag after using the Virtual Arsenal

VERSION 2.1 (Jan 30, 2015)

  • ADDED: a new rope bag object via config item – in Objects (camping) in the editor
  • FIXED: Quad appearing on rope bag on dedicated server
  • FIXED: addAction to pick up rope bag not appearing on dedicated server
  • FIXED: created a check to drop the rope bag if you get into a vehicle or die
  • FIXED: create a check to prevent picking up rope bag when it’s attached to another boat
  • FIXED: addAction not disappearing after rope bag is dropped automatically

VERSION 2.0 (Jan 26, 2015)

  • ADDED: In-game key menu (config addons) – CBA is now required
  • ADDED: Throw and retrieve ropes
  • ADDED: Shorten or lengthen ropes
  • ADDED: Attach ropes to other boats
  • ADDED: Pick up and move ropes to drag boat
  • ADDED: Camouflage your boat mini-game
  • ADDED: Move from driver seat to cargo seat and back
  • ADDED: Speed limitation to paddling forward and backward (10 kph)
  • FIXED: Tweaked water splashes sound levels
  • FIXED: Tweaked water splashes sound to be different on different surfaces

VERSION 1.0 (June 23, 2014)

  • Initial release

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