Paddle Mod v. 3.4 RELEASED!

A new version of the Paddle Mod has been released.

OK, so I noticed that a few boat mods and vanilla boats were using Rubber_duck_base_F as a parent.  And since the OLD version was modifying that parent, I noticed a few unintended consequences in terms of boat handling.  So I’ve changed the way the Paddle Mod modifies the following values:

  • insideSoundCoef
  • rudderForceCoef
  • enginePower
  • thrustDelay
  • waterLinearDamping

So now, instead of modifying Rubber_duck_base_F, the following classnames are modified:

  • “Rescue_duck_base_F”
  • “I_C_Boat_Transport_01_F”
  • “I_G_Boat_Transport_01_F”
  • “I_Boat_Transport_01_F”
  • “B_Boat_Transport_01_F”
  • “O_Boat_Transport_01_F”
  • “O_T_Boat_Transport_01_F”
  • (basically all of the vanilla Zodiac CRRC-style boats)

So I haven’t tested a lot of addon boats yet, but this might result in some of the handling benefits (and the ability to bury the boat and add camo to the boat) might be removed from those addon boats if they were using Rubber_duck_base_F as a parent instead of one of the above.  This could be a good or a bad thing.  Either way, if you have a boat addon and you want me to add your classname base to the Paddle Mod to adopt some of the above changes, please send me a PM.


There are additional tweaks and fixes and changes to the Paddle Mod in version 3.4 too, mostly having to do with speed and efficiency of the code, but also some other things which will slightly improve the user experience I hope.

You can get more info here:

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