SDV Enhancement

Today I started a new mod for the SDV. I first wanted to figure out a way to add light to the interior. However, there are a few problems with using chemlights (noise, looks OK from exterior, but not great from interior, temporary and has to be regenerated, too bright, light spills all over the model). But luckily I found that there is actually an interior light already built into the SDV by Bohemia Interactive that solves all of these problems. They just set the values really low and you can’t see it in the vanilla SDV. So I decided to play around with the settings and voila! With the doors closed, you can’t see the interior light at all.
I’m also implementing a few other config changes because I don’t like how you can’t control the mast when you’re the driver and I don’t like that you can’t open or close the exterior doors when outside of the SDV.

Planned Features:

  • Interior Light Front and Rear – done
  • Doors can be closed from inside or outside of the SDV – done
  • Periscope Mast can be raised or lowered by the driver – done
  • Periscope starts out stowed, not deployed, when placed on the map – done
  • Gunner PIP scope is zoomed in so it’s more usable – done
  • Adding sound effects for doors and periscope/antenna – WIP
  • 3D Clickable cockpit (maybe – only really works when not moving because of SimX limitations) – WIP
  • Other features T.B.A. – WIP

So far, I can only get the lights to turn on when the headlights are also on. I’d like to hook the interior lights up to only come on with the Collision Lights Action, but so far I’m still trying to figure out if that is even possible.

I’d also like to figure out how to change the feed on the driver and gunner PIP scopes so that I can change from TV to NV to TI and back. I have a few ideas on how to do that, but so far nothing has worked. setPIPEffect doesn’t work alone, so I think I need to set it and then setObjectTexture for the SDV again or something.

Development thread here:

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