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The RQ-11B Raven unmanned aircraft system is a 4.5-pound, backpackable, hand-launched sensor platform that provides day and night, real-time video imagery wirelessly to a portable ground control station for “over the hill” and “around the corner” reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition in support of tactical units. Raven systems now come equipped with AeroVironment’s fully stabilized Mantis™ gimbaled payload, incorporating electro-optical and infrared video sensors and a laser illuminator. U.S. armed forces use Raven systems extensively for missions such as base security, route reconnaissance, mission planning and force protection. Each Raven system typically consists of three aircraft, two ground control stations and spares.

Photo by Senior Airman Elliott Sprehe
Photo by Senior Airman Elliott Sprehe

USES (Military):

  • BDA (Battle Damage Assessment)
  • ISR (Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance)
  • Peacekeeping
  • “Around the Corner” Force Protection
  • Target ID
  • Target Designation
  • EOT (Eyes on Target)

USES (Non-Military):

  • Aerial Mapping
  • Crop growth surveys
  • Forest Fire Damage Assessment
  • Firefighter Safety Monitoring
  • Disaster Response
  • Commercial Photography
  • Herd Locating for Hunters
  • Data gathering for Earth Scientists


RQ-11B RAVEN STATS:Mantis-i23

WEIGHT: 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)

LENGTH: 36 inches (109 cm)

WINGSPAN: 55 inches (130 cm)

ENGINE: Aveox 27/26/7-AV electric motor

MAX ALTITUDE: 300 meters

ENDURANCE: 1 hour Max Aloft Time

MAX RANGE: 16km diameter circle around GCS (8 km from ground station)

MAX SPEED: 60 kph (32 knots)


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