Paddle Mod WIP

I’ve started a new project that I’m calling the Paddle Mod.  After struggling with the CRRC for a while, I wanted to make some real world improvements to it, like the ability to paddle it, the ability to turn it around in place without having to make a large circle, the ability to carry it onto land and into the water with a team…
Here’s what I have so far:

Let me know what you think. In this video, I only show the paddling and the kill switch for the engine (so you can steer without the engine turning on). In the video, I used setFuel and variables to remember the previous fuel state. But the player keeps saying, “out of fuel!” which isn’t very tactical. So I changed the killswitch to setHit “engine” 1 to basically kill the engine. You get the red engine indicator now, but that’s fine. Let’s you know to switch off the kill switch then.

I’ve also figured out how to turn the boat in place. It works well and looks OK. I want to see if I can make it look more realistic before finalizing it.

As for carrying the boat, that might be the thing that’s a little too difficult for me to figure out. I could use attachTo to put 5 units under the boat, but getting them all to walk in the same direction at the same time, AND getting them to move correctly over hills, not sure how to do that. Maybe the driver would move the boat around and the other units would just be attached to the boat along for the ride but that would look terrible. I’ll have to see what I can figure out. If anyone knows how to make custom formations, like formation delta but tighter and how to call that in a script, please let me know.

Follow the progress on the Bohemia Interactive forums here:

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