Default Movement Controls – PADDLE MOD

There are six basic movement controls for the Paddle Mod:

Kill Switch
Kill Switch
  • Kill Switch On/Off
    • This cycles the engine on or off
    • When the kill switch is enabled, the engine can not be turned on, even when full of gas.
    • Red “Engine” damage warning light will appear in your HUD
    • If engine is damaged below 100% before the kill switch is enabled, the kill switch will return the engine status to initial starting damage after it is disabled.
    • The kill switch can not be used to repair the engine.
    • To steer while paddling without the engine coming on, enable the kill switch.
    • WARNING: AI may refuse to get into a boat while the kill switch is enabled.
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Paddle Forward or Backward and steer
  • Paddle Forward
  • Paddle Backward
  • Slide Left (version 2.2)
  • Slide Right (version 2.2)
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Paddle Stop
  • Paddle Stop
    • This will slowly bring the boat to a stop, even if the engine is on.
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Paddle Left
  • Spin Left
    • This can only be done if the boat speed is below 4 kph
arma3 2014-06-18 23-58-07-423
Paddle Right
  • Spin Right
    • This can only be done if the boat speed is below 4 kph

DEFAULT CONTROLS (version 2.0)
To change the default keys in game, go to your Settings Menu, Controls, Configure Addons and select the Paddle Mod in the dropdown menu.  Then adjust the controls to your preferences.

In-game controls menu


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