Feint is now on Facebook

Facebook, the phonebook of our time, is now host to Feint, my video game developing persona.  I’ve apparently been developing and releasing video game modifications since March of 2004 starting with the racing game F1-2002.  Games have certainly improved in the last 8 years and so have my graphic and coding skills.  I’m currently working on several addons for the game Arma2, some of which I’ve written about in this blog.  But the content is spread out across several websites including this one.  So I plan to use this new Facebook page as the central thing that ties all of that content together.

The page also serves as a nice gallery of photos and videos that I’ve created over the years from the various games I’ve worked on.  So even if no one “Likes” my new page, I’m still happy to just see the last 8 years of effort displayed in one place.

You can reach the new page at http://www.facebook.com/feintgames or just click here:  

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