Coming Soon to Arma 3

After a few months off while Arma wasn’t running on my computer (after a hardware upgrade), I am back to work editing code and trying out new ideas.

In this video, you’ll see a few different things I’m working on:
-Arma dog
-M900 doors working correctly
-M900 accurate startup sequence and rotor brake
-Ground handling for helicopters
-Underwater salvage operations
-RQ-11B Raven Update
-Climbing with ropes

All of these addons and ideas are still works in progress. The Raven is pretty much done barring a few more tests.

10 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Arma 3”

  1. Hey Feint, really excited about the work you continue to do with Arma. First and foremost, thank you. Of particular interest is the K9 companion. Was wondering how far you were looking to advance the idea? Would there be a military role, by chance, and to what degree? I submitted a forum topic on armaholic last year about the potential of K-9 units in Arma. Just curious on your perspective. Unless of course it’s top secret, feel free to ignore this ha!

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