Alien Isolation in 4K

In case you’ve been under a rock recently, Alien Isolation is one of the best new games that came out this year.  Because it’s such a slow game, you can really crank up the visuals.

On that front, a few enterprising modders have unlocked a lot of the “hidden” tweaks of the game.  A great modification of the setup menu is here:

Another great new thing that just came out from NVidia is the ability to use Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) with cars outside of the brand-new 900 series.  So I just got a 780 TI and DSR is available for me.  So in this video, I demonstrate tweaked graphics and playing at 4x my normal 1080p resolution.  FPS was around the 60s.  The mouse worked a little strangely, very overly smooth, but wasn’t bad at all.  Let me know what you think!  I don’t usually do playthroughs as I think there are plenty of people doing that already.  But if you want to see me do more, let me know.

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