Sniper Camo Changer v.1.6 Released!


For those of you keeping track, I have sixteen projects that I’m currently developing or have finished for the video game Arma2.

I recently released an update for the RQ-11 Raven A and just the other day I finished work on the Sniper Camo Changer version 1.6.

This update is what I intended all along when I first came up with this idea.  I wanted to make a way for a player to change the way their camouflage looks so that other players would not be able to see them as easily when in player vs player games.  Arma2 is a great platform with lots of different maps and islands spanning more environments than the Star Wars saga.  You’ve got snow, jungle, desert, woodland, day, night, and within each of those environments are subtle differences in the terrain that can either make you stand out like a sore thumb or make you disappear into the ground clutter.

Luckily another developer named Brainbug created quite a few sniper camo patterns.  But there was no way to change patterns during gameplay.  That’s where I came in.  I devised a way of cycling through each of the camo patterns once every four seconds.  You could even do it for your AI teammates.  Unfortunately, the process was slow and didn’t work in multiplayer.  So after a few months of thinking and research, I was able to figure out what the problem was with multiplayer visibility and fix it.  I was also able to figure out how to activate certain keys so that you could use the keyboard to change camo patterns.  Now you can quickly cycle through by pressing Shift and the UP or DOWN arrow keys.  This is MUCH faster and makes using the addon a lot more fun.

This addon is one of my favorites because of its simplicity.  There’s no conflict with other addons, it’s easy to install and implement for mission makers, and it seems (so far) to work for everyone.  It’s a good feeling when you can change a basic part of a game and give new functionality to missions.  Even if you aren’t playing against other players, it just creates a little more immersion.  I hope everyone enjoys it.


VERSION 1.6: (5/26/12)
= Overhauled most scripts and added new ones
= Multiplayer compatible
= Added keys to change player camo patterns for better control (Shift + UP or DOWN)
= Added “alive” check so AI pattern cycling stops if AI is killed

VERSION 1.5: (2/19/12)
= Script now keeps track of current texture so you don’t have to restart the first texture every time
= Added “alive” check so script ends more quickly after death
= Bikey included

VERSION 1.0: (2/17/12)


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