Control Features


  • Altitude Controls for RQ-11 (between 30 and 300 meters)
  • Circling Radius Controls (how wide a circle it makes around the target)
  • Map Mark Creator at Target Position
  • Vision Modes
    • DTV (Daylight TV)
    • NV (Night Vision)
    • FLIR-W (Infrared – White Hot)
    • FLIR-B (Infrared – Black Hot)
  • Camera Zoom in and out
  • 3D Movable Camera Targeting (N,S,E,W, Up and Down)
  • Target Tracking (tracks locked-on targets)
    • Will track a unit even if it goes inside a vehicle
    • Tracking can be lost if line of sight is broken by trees or buildings
    • Camera will try to re-establish broken locks
  • Tactical Laser (visible laser useful for marking locations for ground troops)
  • Laser Designator (invisible laser for bomb guidance)
  • MiniCam In-Eye Camera Display
    • Displays last zoom level
    • Three Vision Modes (DTV, NV, FLIR-W)
arma3 2014-01-12 00-03-41-762
DTV at night


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