Aircraft Control


There are two basic controls you have over the Raven:
Altitude and Circling Radius Size.

ALTITUDE: You can either Raise (W by default) or Lower (S by default) the target altitude for the Raven. Note that the Raven will raise or lower its altitude depending on terrain, speed and other factors. However, to avoid problems, it is best to raise altitude to avoid terrain to make the picture more stable. Maximum operating altitude is 300 meters. Minimum altitude is 30 meters.

CIRCLING RADIUS: The size of the circle the Raven flies around the Camera Target (indicated by a red sphere) can be Increased (D by default) or Decreased (A by default). At higher altitudes, the camera view is less disorienting when the radius is larger. A narrower circling radius is more “top down”, useful for measuring relative sizes. At lower altitudes, the circling radius may need to be decreased depending on mission needs or increased to avoid detection by a Person of Interest.


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