RQ-11B Raven – Version 2.5 Update WIP

I’m almost done working on a big update to the RQ-11B Raven for Arma 3.  Check out this video for a few of the details.

The new update should be available in a few days.  There are just a few things I have left to tweak.  For now, here’s a list of what’s changing and being added:

  • New “tracking box” in the camera view which tracks nearby lockable targets
  • New and improved altitude display (much more efficient and accurate)
  • Easier way to pick up Raven and GCS
  • Improved dropping of GCS and Raven
  • Improved carrying animation of Raven (follows body position)
  • Adjusted launch animation
  • Improved assembly animation (removed workarounds to Arma bugs with attachTo and improved a few other things)
  • Some new sounds
  • Fixed the “too loud sound” problem when using Zeus or MCC
  • Code cleaning

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