In Development

So much time wasted sleeping, but it’s necessary.

What I’m Working On:

I’m currently working on several projects with various levels of completion.  One of them, hinted in the featured image of this post, is very close to completion.  I’m doing final AI testing, and so far it’s looking very good.  Here is a status update on all of my current projects for Arma 3: Continue reading In Development

Paddle Mod Updated to Version 3.5!

Version 3.5 has bee uploaded in response to a bug report that multiple shovels were being created on ALiVE servers. I added a potential fix.  Let me know if the fix works or if there are any other problems.  I also added the fix to the camouflaging the boat script, the burying of the boat script and the rope throwing and dragging scripts/functions:

VERSION 3.5 Changelog

  • Added an “isServer” check to a few key scripts to avoid createVehicle firing on every machine in multiplayer environments. Please let me know if there are any negative issues with this fix or if the fix does not work.

Sailing Mod Updated!

Version 1.2 of my Sailing Mod is ready for the world.  I’ve made a few fixes and upgrades.

  • Changed the way the display works – should scale correctly now
  • Fixed the marker lights so red is on the port side and green is on the starboard
  • Changed the way the marker lights look so they are more realistic (Arma 3 lighting upgrade version)
  • Added a new light to the cockpit so you can see better at night

Game Guru – Jon Hillenbrand

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