Paddle Mod Update – Version 3.0

OK, after a very long time, I have finally updated the Paddle Mod.  Wooooo hooooo!  It’s much better now.  See below…


This mod modifies most boats by giving them a killswitch for the engine and the ability to paddle the boat around silently. You can also use ropes with the boats for landmarking while swimming and as an anchor. The Zodiac-style boats receive improved maneuverability and engine power. You can also bury or camouflage the Zodiacs using bushes found nearby as well as use the ropes of the Zodiacs for towing.
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  • Bury the boat in soft surfaces like sand and dirt
  • In-game key menu for keys (config addons)
  • Throw and retrieve ropes as driver of Zodiacs
  • Shorten or lengthen ropes
  • Attach ropes to other boats
  • Pick up and move ropes to drag boat
  • Camouflage your Zodiac with plants you can place and rotate
  • Move from driver seat to cargo seat and back in Zodiac
  • Paddle sideways when stopped


  • Paddle forward and backward
  • Paddle to a stop
  • Rotate the boat left or right
  • Kill switch for the motor
  • Increased rudder effectiveness on Zodiacs
  • Increased engine power on Zodiacs
  • Most boats have anchors added

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