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Starting with version 2.0, you can now throw a rope from the front of your CRRC.  The rope is attached to a rope bag.  This bag can stick to other boats.  You can use the rope to tow your CRRC from another boat or you can drag your CRRC onto land, off of shore, or through shallow waters.


  1. Sit in any seat in the CRRC.  If you are seated in a cargo position, raise your weapon and aim in the direction you want the rope thrown.
  2. Press the key to throw/retrieve the rope.  The rope will be throw in the direction the CRRC is facing, or in the direction you are aiming your weapon (if you are aiming).
  3. If the rope bag hits the land or water, you can get out of the CRRC and pick it back up to move the rope bag or to tow the CRRC through shallow water or onto land.
  4. If the rope bag hits another boat, it will stick to it.  If that boat has a rear towing hook, the rope bag will attach to it so that your CRRC can be towed by that boat.
  5. To retrieve the rope, press the deploy/retrieve key and wait for it to be retracted.  A message will appear in your radio when it has been fully retracted.


  1. If you are sitting in the CRRC, press the shorten rope key to shorten the rope.  Press the lengthen rope key to lengthen the rope.  (Rope length is limited to 45 meters.)
  2. If you outside of the CRRC and you have picked up the rope bag, use the addAction menu to shorten or lengthen the rope.

Dragging boat onto shore

Dragging boat onto shore

If the rope bag lands on water, it will slowly sink to the bottom, creating a water anchor so your boat won’t float away.  You can also use the rope while scuba diving to help find the boat when deep underwater.

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Using the rope as an underwater landmark.
Receiving a helpful tow from a RHIB
Receiving a helpful tow from a RHIB


Dragging boat through shallow water
Dragging boat through shallow water

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