Camouflage Boat – PADDLE MOD

Version 2.0 feature

You can apply camouflage to your boat to hide it from enemy patrols.

  1. Stand next to boat.
  2. Choose “Hide Boat ON/OFF” from the action menu to turn the mini-game ON.
  3. Run to the bush highlighted by the helper sphere (you will pick it up automatically).
  4. Bring the bush to the boat into the correct position highlighted by the helper sphere.  The bush will be placed into the boat automatically.  You can choose to rotate the bush to tweak its position.
  5. If at any time you wish to cancel the mini-game, choose “Hide Boat ON/OFF” to turn the feature OFF.

NOTE: The bushes tend to fade out the further you move away from them.  This is an Arma engine limitation.

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