Paddle Mod 2.0 Released!!

After tons of play testing, tweaking and hair pulling, I’ve finally released version 2.0 of my Paddle Mod. ¬†For those who don’t know, it’s a modification of the Arma 3 assault boats and similar giving them tons of new features.

This addon will allow you to paddle forward and backward as well as turning the boat in place. It will improve the effectiveness of the rudder, will increase the engine power slightly and will allow you to enable and disable a kill switch for the engine so that when the engine is disabled you can steer while paddling. You can also use ropes with the boat for towing purposes and landmarking. You can also camouflage your boat using bushes found nearby.


  • In-game key menu (config addons) – CBA is now required
  • Throw and retrieve ropes
  • Shorten or lengthen ropes
  • Attach ropes to other boats
  • Pick up and move ropes to drag boat
  • Camouflage your boat mini-game
  • Move from driver seat to cargo seat and back


  • Adds the ability to paddle forward and backward
  • Adds the ability to paddle to a stop
  • Adds the ability to paddle in a circle left or right in small degree increments
  • Adds a kill switch to the motor which can be enabled or disabled
  • Increases the rudder effectiveness of the base CRRC and similar Zodiacs
  • Increases the engine power of the base CRRC and similar Zodiacs

You can download the files here.
Check out the instructions on this website here.

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