Manned Mobile Lab Retexture

This is a texture replacement for the Manned Mobile Lab. I’ve replaced almost all of the textures inside and out.


The idea behind the changes is that exterior airlock doors should be marked with a bright color to indicate their importance. I’ve also added caution stripes around the edges of interior doors to avoid pinched fingers. Some doors would be used for rescue purposes, so I’ve added instructions for rescue procedures, explosive bolts and other safety items. Ramp and door edges have received the requesite NO STEP and CAUTION warnings where appropriate. There’s even a bumper sticker!

I’ve painted the exterior lighting frames white so they are easier to work with in dark and dusty environments if the lights need to be replaced or reaimed. I’ve replaced the interior flourescent bulbs with LED panels as flourescents do not make sense to me. I’ve also added LEDs to the tail lights.

I’ve noticed that the colors of the vehicle are more or less saturated depending on the map, time of day, storm conditions, etc. So on Earth and the Moon maps, the red color really stands out. But on the pale blueish lighting of the polar caps, the red looks more like a rust color.

I changed the color of the interior flooring from metal to dark gray/black so as to simulate rubber flooring. I’m not very good at bump mapping so the original texture can still be seen from certain lighting angles, but I’m working on replacing that.

The original gold wheels have been changed to a darker gray/black color inside and out but I did leave the edge of the rim coated in gold where it meets the rubber for better thermal management at that potential weak point.

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