Low Earth Orbit Retexture

This mod changes the clouds and the lights on the Low Earth Orbit map. 12 textures have been modified.


I reduced the overall haze on the planet and I made the lighter parts of the clouds more transparent. The whitest parts of the clouds are at the same level as the vanilla version so you still have nice looking clouds. Overall, it’s a less cloudy day down there on Earth.


The vanilla lights were way too bright in my opinion as they were pulsing as all bright lights seem to do in this game. So I brought their brightness way down. Clusters of lights especially on the east coast of the US and in western Europe were so bunched together that they had no detail. They were just blobs. So I brought them into Photoshop and added pixellation to them to create more detail. I also added an orange filter as sodium light seems to make it out to orbit the most from the photos I’ve seen. There’s a bug in the game where sun-lit areas still have the electric lights visible. So I reduced the overall brightness of all of the lights to help with this problem.

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