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So much time wasted sleeping, but it’s necessary.

What I’m Working On:

I’m currently working on several projects with various levels of completion.  One of them, hinted in the featured image of this post, is very close to completion.  I’m doing final AI testing, and so far it’s looking very good.  Here is a status update on all of my current projects for Arma 3:

Shark Addon:

I’m currently working on a shark addon that was given to me a few years back by DeansBeano.  He received the model from Al Simons, and created animations and a config, but he could never get it to work.  So he gave it to me to see if I could make heads or tails of it.  Unfortunately, at the time there were no underwater animals and no way of overriding animal AI.

But since Arma 3 came out, there are underwater animals (fish and turtles) and a bunch of underwater commands and config checks.  And just recently, Bohemia Interactive released a way to override some animals default AI and replace it with your own moveTo commands.  I tried that with this shark and it worked!  So I’ve been working on behaviors for the shark that are natural, but also fun.  For example, there are enough man-eating sharks in movies and other games (GTA V), ruining the reputation of sharks.  So I wanted to make one that would mostly just hunt other fish.  But if you are unlucky, it might just hunt you.

I’ve also been working on creating particle effects, underwater blood, which is a very rewarding and fun and frustrating thing to work on.  So far so good.

Rebreather Cargo Mod:

There are a few other projects on that list which I have never announced previously.  They are in various stages of completion.  One of note is the Rebreather Cargo Mod which will give you the ability to carry cargo in your rebreather pockets. This is also a graphical mod which removes the yellow piping from the vest, which I have always found to be annoying and unrealistic.  The air canisters have been replaced with NITROX or O2 canisters, depending on which one you want to use.  Currently, I’ve not implemented my rebreather scripts to these rebreathers, but that is in the works (maybe).

P07 Pistol Enhancement:

I’ve also created a reskin of the P07 pistol and added the ability to attach a few other suppressors.  I keep running into an error where the pistol does not load the .rvmat.  I can’t figure out why so I believe it is a bug since I’ve exhausted almost all other possibilities and it only happens sometimes.

For this pistol, I’ve created four color variants, added colored night sights that glow in the dark and I’ve corrected the screwy texturing errors that BI never fixed.

Sonar Addon:

One of the addons that I’m excited about is a sonar addon I’ve created.  It works really well for underwater navigation and reveals structures that are underwater as well as land masses to avoid.  There are some problems with it that are limitations on the game, but I’m working on figuring out a way to get around those problems.  It’s a bit CPU heavy at the moment mainly because I haven’t optimized it yet.  But I’m pretty excited about it if I can ever get it to a release candidate state.

RQ-11B Raven Addon:

The Raven has received an incredible number of changes and improvements, all of which are being tested and tweaked.  When building something complex, you can spend the same amount of time on the last 5% that you do on the first 95%.

Ground Handling Mod:

The Ground Handling Mod is pretty cool.  It allows you to attach wheels to helicopters with skids and transport them around by hand.  You can also move helicopters that already have wheels.

There are a lot of other projects currently in progress but I’ll leave that to your imagination. Stay tuned to this site and my facebook page for further updates as they arrive.

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