Finding CBA Key Assignment names

So I had this problem with CBA Keys.  I wanted to find the assigned keys that the user had changed the keys to and display those assignments in game.This is for the RQ-11B Raven Addon that I’m working on.  In the main camera view, there’s a button you can press that will bring up a list of the assigned keys.  This is pretty helpful as there are 21 or so assigned keys.  Having to hit Esc and drill down into the setup menu to find the name of the key assignment is a PITA.

Everything used to be fine using the command keyName and a userconfig.  But that command doesn’t work with CBA Keys.  I searched around for a function that would give you the key name from CBA Keys but didn’t find one.  So I wrote one.



The results are “Altitude Raise = W”.

Feel free to use this function in your own addons.  But please give me credit if you do so.

I’ve also posted this on the BI Forums.

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